MediaEval 2017 Workshop Registration

Registration for the MediaEval 2017 Workshop is open. To register please go to the CLEF/MediaEval 2017 Registration Page.

The MediaEval Workshop starts at 11.00 on Wednesday 13 September, and concludes at 18:00 Friday 15 September. A more detailed schedule will be published at the end of August. At the workshop, the participants present their work, engage in discussion, and make plans for future work, including tasks and collaborations.

MediaEval 2017 is co-located with CLEF 2017, a conference and a benchmark devoted to the evaluation of information access systems ( You can attend both events, for a discounted price. This discount is available to everyone and is independent of need.

MediaEval 2017 offers a need-based discount. If you are able to afford to register at full-price, please do so, in order to help us to balance the budget of the workshop. However, if you do need a need-based discount, please request one! In order to request a need-based discount, please write an e-mail to Saskia Peters (s.peters at tudelft dot nl) including:

  • your name,
  • your organization name,
  • the reason for which you are requesting the discount,
  • team name and the name of the task(s) (if you are a participant).

We realize there are a large range of reasons for which you may want to ask for a need-based discount. We anticipate that the most common reasons will be: You are a student (please include the name of your advisor in the email), you have recently graduated (please include the date of graduation), you are retired, your country's currency is weak with respect to the Euro (please include the name of your country explicitly), your project has recently run out of travel funding. Saskia Peters will reply to your mail by sending you a discount code which you can then use to register. Unfortunately, the need-based MediaEval discount cannot be combined with the discounted registration for both CLEF and MediaEval.

Note that the need-based discount is organized by the honors system: if you need it please ask for it, otherwise, don't. Thank you.