The 2011 Placing Task
The task requires participants to assign geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude) to each provided test video. Participants can make use of metadata and audio and visual features as well as external resources. Note that a minimum of one run that uses audio/visual features only will be required.

Target group
The task is of interest to researchers in the area of geo-IR as well as social media.

The data set is an extension of the 2010 Placing Task data set and contains a set of geotagged Flickr videos (~15,000 for development and test purposes) as well as the metadata for geotagged Flickr images (~3.2 million). A set of basic visual features extracted for all images and for the frames of the videos was provided. Evaluation of runs submitted by participating groups was based on distances between the predicted and the actual geo-coordinates. Ground truth is supplied by Flickr users uploaded the videos and the images. All videos and images are shared by their owners under Creative Commons license.

Ground truth and evaluation
The geo-coordinates associated with the Flickr will be used as the ground truth. Since these do not always serve to precisely pinpoint the location of the video, we evaluated at each of a series of widening circles: 1 km 10 km 100km 1000km 10000km

Recommended reading
Similar research towards automatic geotagging of images is recently described in:

Serdyukov, P., Murdock, V., and van Zwol, R. Placing flickr photos on a map. In SIGIR 2009.

Hays, J. and Efros, A. A. im2gps: estimating geographic information from a single image. In CVPR 2008.

Task coordinators:
Vanessa Murdock, Yahoo! Research
Adam Rae, Yahoo! Research
Pavel Serdyukov, Yandex
Pascal Kelm, Technical University of Berlin

This task is organized by the EU FP7 project Glocal: Event-Based Retrieval of Networked Media:
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