Why Participate?

MediaEval is innovative: Expand your research horizons by trying out a new task. We make every effort to keep the threshold low for entering new tasks.

MediaEval is flexible: Choose the tasks that interest you. Design your own combination of visual, text, speech, audio and social features for each task.

MediaEval is both competitive and supportive: Develop or refine your techniques by comparing your results to those of others. Both newbies as well as seasoned researchers participate.

MediaEval brings researchers together: Meet other people working on similar topics.

MediaEval strengthens projects: Join MediaEval as a task organizer. Propose a new task based on your project.

MediaEval is cost effective: We bundle resources to keep costs low. Participation in MediaEval is free of charge and we are making every effort to make the yearly workshop reasonably priced.

MediaEval lets you see the world: MediaEval (previously VideoCLEF) has held events in some pretty interesting places!

Aarhus, Dennmark (Flickr Image from gargola87)Corfu, Greece (Flickr Image from mafleen)Pisa, Italy (Flickr Image from neilalderney123)4225772439_b0e0546a63_s