MediaEval 2010 Working Notes Proceedings
Each participating group wrote a two-page working notes paper describing their approach to their task(s). The papers can be downloaded individually below, or download the whole MediaEval 2010 working notes proceedings at once.

Chandramouli, K., Kliegr, T., Piatrik, T. and Izquierdo, E. QMUL @ MediaEval 2010 Tagging Task: Semantic Query Expansion for Predicting User Tags. (Tagging Task WWW)

Choi, J., Janin, A. and Friedland, G. The 2010 ICSI Video Location Estimation System. (Placing Task)

Ferres, D. and Rodriguez, H. TALP at MediaEval 2010 Placing Task: Geographical Focus Detection of Flickr Textual Annotations. (Placing Task)

Gyarmati, A. and Jones, G.J.F. DCU at MediaEval 2010 -- Tagging Task Wild Wild Web. (Tagging Task WWW)

Hernandez-Aranda, D., Granados, R., Cigarran, J., Rodrigo, A., Fresno, V. and Garcia-Serrano, A. UNED at MediaEval 2010: exploiting text metadata for Automatic Video Tagging. (Tagging Task Pro)

Kelm, P., Schmiedeke, S., and Sikora, T. Video2GPS: Geotagging using collaborative systems, textual and visual features: MediaEval 2010 Placing Task. (Placing Task)

Perea-Ortega, J.M., Garcia-Cumbreras, M.A., Urena-Lopez, L.A. and Garcia-Vega, M. SINAI at Placing Task of MediaEval 2010. (Placing Task)

Perea-Ortega, J.M., Montejo-Raez, A., Diaz-Galiano, M.C. and Martin-Valdivia, T. SINAI at Tagging Task Professional in MediaEval 2010. (Tagging Task Pro)

Perea-Ortega, J.M., Montejo-Raez, A., Martin-Valdivia, T. and Urena-Lopez, L.A. SINAI at Affect Task in MediaEval 2010. (Affect Task)

Shi, Y. and Larson, M. First Approaches to Automatic Boredom Detection: DMIR tackles the MediaEval 2010 Affect Task. (Affect Task)

Soleymani, M. Travelogue Boredom Detection with Content Features. (Affect Task)

Van Laere, O. Schockaert, S. and Dhoedt, B. Ghent University at the 2010 Placing Task. (Placing Task)

Wartena, C. Using a Divergence Model for MediaEval’s Tagging Task (Professional Version). (Tagging Task Pro)

Please cite the proceedings as: Larson, M., Soleymani, M., Serdyukov, P., Murdock, V. and Jones, G.J.F. (eds.) Working Notes Proceedings of the MediaEval 2010 Workshop, Pisa, Italy, October 24, 2010. ISBN: 9789081348904.