MediaEval 2019 Preliminary Task List

A preliminary list of tasks that will be offered at MediaEval is now available on the MediaEval 2019 webpage. (We are accepting new task proposals through 1 March.) If you are interested in participating in a task, please watch this website. Registration for task participation will open in about a month. In the meantime, please the dates for this year's workshop: 27-29 October 2019 (near Nice, right after ACM Multimedia 2019.)

MediaEval 2019 Call for Task Proposals

MediaEval 2019 Multimedia Evaluation Benchmark
Call for Task Proposals

Starting now: Please send us your indication of intent as soon as possible.
Friday 1 March 2019: Full proposal deadline

The Multimedia Evaluation Benchmark, MediaEval, offers challenges in the form of shared tasks. The goal of MediaEval is to develop and evaluate new algorithms and technologies for multimedia retrieval, access and exploration. MediaEval tasks are innovative, involving multiple modalities, (e.g., audio, visual, textual, and/or contextual) and focusing on the human and social aspects of multimedia. Our larger aim is to promote reproducible research that makes multimedia a positive force for society

MediaEval is now calling for proposals for tasks to run in the 2019 benchmarking season. Read More...

MediaEval 2018 Proceedings

The MediaEval 2018 workshop proceedings are now available on the MediaEval 2018 website.

Welcome to MediaEval 2018

The workshop program is available on the MediaEval 2018 website. Links to other workshop materials will also be posted there as well.

MediaEval 2018 Workshop Location

Register for the workshop on the MediaEval 2018 Workshop registration website:

We expect that MediaEval workshop participants will want to stay in Cagnes-sur-Mer. It is very easy to reach from the airport with public transportation: see the notes about registration. The MediaEval 2018 Workshop kickoff, the social events, and the organizers meeting are all held in Cagnes-sur-Mer.

The central meeting point for MediaEval Workshop participants in Cagnes-sur-Mer is Résidence Le Crystal (1 avenue de Passau, 06800 Cagnes-sur-Mer, France). On 30 and 31 October transportation will leave in the morning from in front of Résidence Le Crystal to take all workshop participants to EURECOM in Sophia Antipolis (and back in the evening). Note that EURECOM is not as easy to reach with public transportation, and it is not as easy to find a hotel close by in Sophia Antipolis.

To help you with accommodations, we have arranged a limited number of three night packages at Résidence Le Crystal. You can request more information on the package when you register on the registration site.

The final schedule of the workshop is not available until just before the workshop starts. To allow you to plan your travel, a skeletal version of the workshop schedule can be found by clicking Read More...