The 2014 Placing Task: Multimodal Location Estimation
The Placing Task captures the challenge of estimating geographical coordinates of multimedia items, such as images and videos, based on massive amounts of geo-tagged training data. The purpose of this challenge is to further the area of multimedia retrieval. For example, the developed methods could help a rescue team to infer where exactly a family disappeared in a remote area by discovering the locations shown in videos uploaded to a social network before they lost contact.

The Mediaeval Placing Task 2014 consists of the following:

1. General placing: participants are asked to explore textual, social, visual and/or acoustic cues, and precisely estimate the location of a given Flickr media item.
2. Placeability (optional): participants are asked to classify a media item as being objectively placeable in the world.

Target group
The task is of interest to researchers in the area of geographic multimedia information retrieval, social media and media analysis.

The training data consists of 5 million geotagged photos and 25,000 geotagged videos, whereas the test set consists of 500,000 photos and 10,000 videos. As in 2013, the training and the test set are mutually exclusive with respect to the users who contributed the media (i.e., the users in the training set will be different from the users in the test set). All photos and videos used in the benchmark have been taken from the YFCC100M dataset.

Ground truth and evaluation
The geo-coordinates associated with the Flickr/YouTube video will be used as the ground truth. Since these do not always serve to precisely pinpoint the location of the video, we will evaluate at each of a series of widening circles: 10m, 100m, 1km 10km 100km 1,000km 5,000km. Note: We are encouraging participants to be more accurate than in previous years by including the smaller error radius ranges.

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Task organizers
Bart Thomee, Yahoo Labs, San Francisco, USA
Jaeyoung Choi and Gerald Friedland, ICSI and UC Berkeley, USA
Liangliang Cao, IBM TJ Watson, USA

Task schedule
21 June: Data release (note that this is an updated release date)
16 September (updated deadline): Run submission due
19 September: Results returned
28 September: Working notes paper deadline